Mar 212013

A New World cover

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Note: The download is no longer available.

The benefit download for Freedom Books, badly damaged in a fascist arson attack in February, is now available.

Since the attack, individuals and groups across the world have offered their support, in both word and deed, in an unequivocal display of international mutual aid and solidarity.

This compilation is our small contribution to the rebuilding effort. All artists have given their time, energy and creations for free, and we're humbled by their selflessness. It means that every penny raised here will be used directly to benefit Freedom.

It features 69 bands and tunes from around the world (some recorded exclusively for this comp), in a plethora of styles, and can be yours for a minimum donation of £1 (although please feel free to give more if you can).

We've also made a free mp3 version available for those who can't afford a quid. We'd rather people have the music to help them through tough times than have to go without because they're skint. Get it here –

Part 1
Part 2

Thanks for listening, donating, supporting and spreading the word. We really appreciate it.

¡No Pasaran!

The Iron Column Records Crew

Feb 012013

Update 07.02.2012: We have received dozens of offers of help with this, and we'd like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone. We've had so many offers that we feel it would be unfair to accept any more, as we've probably got the equivalent of two CDs worth already!

So if you were thinking of contributing but haven't yet got in touch, we really appreciate the thought but we'll have to pass this time round.

Following the arson attack on Freedom Bookshop (probably carried out by fascists), we want to put together a compilation to help raise funds. It will be made available as a 'pay what you want' download.

We are asking any musicians to donate a (preferably unreleased) track to include on the comp. We'd really like to have lyrics that deal with freedom / anarchism / anti-fascism, but all contributions will be considered :) We'll also include any artwork / lyrics etc. in a downloadable booklet. Tracks will need to be the original recordings in WAV / AIFF format (no mp3s please), and details of how to send them will be given to you when you get in touch.

We want to get this done ASAP, so the deadline for submissions is the end of February.

Please contact us to let us know what you'd like to offer and we'll get right back to you.

Thanks and solidarity.

Feb 012013

Freedom bookshop damage

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Anarchist bookshop Freedom, located in London, has been firebombed. Extensive damage has been caused to the shop, stock and electrics. The shop is uninsured and will need financial and practical support to get back up and running.

Iron Column Records will be giving all proceeds from sales and donations made during February to Freedom.

You can get further regular updates about the shop and help needed via their Twitter feed or Facebook page.

Dec 192012

Prowlers Produzenten split

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We've just received a few copies of The Prowlers & Produzenten der Froide's split LP 'Montreal vs. Stuggart from Anfibio Records in Italy.

Both bands belt out that classic '80s-flavoured Oi! sound without doing it by-the-numbers. They're as skinhead as they come, gravel-edged voices shouting loud and proud over some solidly unpretentious tunes.

Postage was a killer on this, so the discs are £10 plus postage (we're barely breaking even at this price). This record is so good, we don't mind not making any money off of it. We just want people to have the chance to pick up a great disc by two fun-filled straight-talking anti-fascist bands!

Dec 032012

Artcore 30A few copies of Artcore fanzine #30, complete with the 6-track debut 7" 'Protest Music' from State Funeral, have been acquired and are now in stock. The EP also includes a patch, 8 page booklet and download code for both the EP and the 20-track international compilation album released with the last edition of Artcore (still available to buy in our shop). The mag is, as usual, jam-packed with lashings of punky goodness, political and artistic.

The package is yours for just £6 including p&p (UK only – UK postage cost deducted from international orders). Order it with Artcore #29 and we'll let you have both for £15 including p&p (same deal as above for non-UK orders).

You can listen to all six tracks online at State Funeral's Bandcamp page.

Hard Skin 'Fucking George' coverThere's also a single copy of the Hard Skin's newest album 'We're The Fucking George – Singles 1978-1981', featuring fifteen tracks of has-been hits, up for grabs for £8 plus post.

The tracks are actually from EPs released between 1994-2011 and it doesn't come with a download card because 'real Skinheads don't use computers'. Oi!

Nov 032012
Bottled Wasp cover

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We've just received a delivery of the very classy Bottled Wasp Pocket Diary 2013, put together by our comrades at Brighton Anarchist Black Cross.

As well as having space to write down all the important stuff in your own life, it also includes loads of useful info relating to prisoner support work, important dates, articles on prison and politics, and some smart graphics (check out the superb cover by renowned anarcho-artist Clifford Harper).

Brighton ABC are hoping that, if this year's edition is a success, a self-sustaining collective will form and take on the role of making it an annual publication. Here at ICR, we hope for that too!

You can buy the diary from us for just £6 including p&p (UK only – UK postage cost deducted from international orders).

Sep 102012

Anthrax coverJust in, the new, and first, full-length LP (vinyl edition) from UK anarchopunks Anthrax.

Only 30 or so years in the making, 'All For The Cause' has definitely been worth the wait. While it's not exactly the Anthrax of old (the pace has slowed down a fraction), that's no bad thing. The musical and lyrical evolution have produced one hell of a solid record, and I'd even go as far as saying it's the best thing they've ever done (which, if you've heard their original EPs, is quite a compliment). There's nothing too fancy with the music, but it's beautifully constructed and the recording has really done the sound justice – the band kept it old-school and did it live on a 24-track analogue machine. With Oscar's fulsome Sarf London accent it reminds me of The Business, while the lyrics are clearly cut from anarcho-punk cloth without sounding at all hackneyed. The band have kept their eyes firmly on the modern political world and the songs reflect a keen understanding of where we are now rather than where we were then.

It's wrapped in a stunningly illustrated gatefold sleeve, and includes a full-colour A2 poster of the front cover pic and a glossy 16-page booklet with the lyrics. Available now for £8 plus postage.

Peni coverWe've also finally got our share of the Rudimentary Peni tribute CD, which was co-ordinated by our friends at Pumpkin Records. 23 tracks by 23 bands, each with their own take on a Peni track, most of which haven't seen the light of day before. And, like Peni, it's exciting, different and just a little bit twisted. There are a few familiar faces (The Restarts, Star Fucking Hipsters, Mischief Brew) alongside some lesser-known acts (Lack Of Joe, Unorthodox Conqueror), but every one of them holds their own here. Expect everything from dubby ska-punk (Autonomads) to full-on Prodigy-flavoured techno-thrash (Cradle To The Rave). This is a total steal at only £4 plus postage.

Aug 292012

Freedom Through Football coverOur plan has always been to include literature in the distro, money allowing, and we're now able to do exactly that thanks to the kind generosity of Richard and his crew from Tangent Books (check them out, they've published a superb range of books that celebrate and document the more interesting sides of life).

Our first book is 'Freedom Through Football – The Story Of The Easton Cowboys And Cowgirls'. Don't be fooled by the title, for this book is about much, much more than football (which, incidentally, is now just one of three sports currently played by the various club teams). The Cowfolk, as they are collectively known, are a community-based sports and social club from the heart of inner-city Bristol, who have helped redefine what's possible when you get a group of amateur sportspeople, professional drunks, activists, misfits and ne'er-do-wells (alongside a few ordinary, decent, everyday folk) together.

The book charts the first 20 years of the club's history from 1992 to the present day, warts and all. There are tales of dodging army check points in Chiapas during a visit to play teams in the Zapatista communities, taking part in cricket matches in Compton LA against ex-gangsters, heading to the West Bank and literally leaving their mark on the Israeli apartheid wall, and organising Alternative World Cups attended by people from as close as Bedminster to as far away as São Paulo (via Lithuania and the South African township of Diepkloof). There have been a few sad losses during the journey (and quite a few happy additions too), the occasional harsh word, partings of ways, fallouts, fall-ins, love affairs, babies and hangovers. But mostly, it's about being a part of something that exemplifies everything that is good in human nature.

The book is 229 pages, nicely supplemented with plenty of images (many previously unseen) and extra info, with an additional 32 pages of colour pics (including a couple of that Banksy fellow hanging out with the Cowfolk in Chiapas and doing some rare hand-painted pieces in the villages).

Because Tangent have been so good to us we're able to offer the book for sale at cover price (£9.99), including FREE postage in the UK (and we'll deduct the cost of UK postage from every international order).